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This is online community of international students studying in the USA.
The site where students help students to survive and thrive during their stay in America.
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Living In the USA.
Description of USA based on personal experience and impressions of international students. One-stop source for information that meets all needs of international students in the U.S.


  Survival in the big city.
Imagine the situation you are going to a big city you have heard about so much and you just can't wait to come to. This can be a great experience for you, but you can encounter some problems as well.
  Something About Encoding and On-line Dictionaries.
Helpful advices of encoding in your native language, while being in the US.
  If You Lost Your Wallet...
Losing wallet is not good idea at all. But do not get down. Use the advices listed here.
  At Friends House.
You've been invited to a friend's house in America… What should you know before going? Look for useful suggestions here…
  Buying Food in the American Stores.
You will have to do a lot of things for the first time during your stay in America… Make your first visit to the grocery store less stressful - read our article on how to shop!
  Calling Home.
We all face the problem of where and what phone card to buy to call home. Experienced students offer their advice…
  Traveling in the Unites States.
Going on vacation, huh? Click here to learn how to save money and effort by booking airplane and bus tickets online…
  Live in America
Get some tips about living in the USA: your bank account, your credit card, health insurance, driver license, work off - campus and some others.
  How to Avoid Cultural Shock?
After the arrival to new country you will have to go through many changes that can cause a cultural shock. Read what does it mean and how it is possible to avoid it.
  How to Understand Locals
You know that people in the United States speak English, but you will be surprised to find out that their language differs from the one you have learned from textbooks.
  Students’ Social Life
You are planning to get education abroad and think only about it. Read this advises to learn how it is possible not to become a hermit while staying abroad.
  Mobile Phone Connection in the USA
It is difficult to imagine the modern life in US without mobile phone. Consider some peculiarities of US mobile system.
  Place to Live
Clear up what kind of accommodation you can get while studying in US university, what are its advantageous and disadvantageous.
  American cuisine
If you are interested what kind of food will be available during your living in the US, read this article and get some interesting information.
  How to Open a Bank Account
Get to know about the credit and debit card system in America and learn how it is possible to open bank account there.
  US Sales Taxes
Do you know that in most cases you have to pay more than the price tag shows, while purchasing any kind of goods in the US stores? Find out why it is so.
  International Students' Tax Return
This article explains how tax return process works for International Students.
  Civil Rights Overseas
It is important to know what civil rights you will have in the host country, before setting off. Read about some rights, foreigners have in the USA.
  Honor Codes Abroad
Have you ever heard about students’ honor codes? I’d recommend you to look through this information to clear up what does the conception “Honor Codes” means.
  Community Support Abroad
Clear up what is community support and how it can benefit you.
  Get Rid of Ethnocentrism
Read some simple advices that can help you to avoid being ethnocentric while staying abroad and may bring you much fun!
  Fraternities and Sororities
All of us have watched many Hollywood movies about honorable students’ communities which offer much fun and respect. Browse through information about real brotherhoods and sisterhoods and if you like this ide, just join one!
  How to Become Popular at University
Popularity is a very nice question if you are new in college and the more so if you are international student. I’d like to offer you some advices to try out and become popular in your new environment.
  College Life and Alcohol
Think over the alcohol abuse in college and what it can end with.
  Post Offices
Browse throw information about US post offices and send post cards and parcels easily.
  The Art of Haggling Abroad
Hand in hand shopping in a foreign market or bazaar is considered to be a kind of art, find here some tips which will help you to learn how to haggle.
  Foreign Law
Find out why it is important to educate yourself about the legal system of the country to which you will be traveling.
  Five Points for Surviving in College Dormitory
Are you going to live in the dormitory abroad? Consider these tips to make your international experience more comfortable.
  Go Party
Here you can find some advises that will tell you how its better to party in accordance to your mood.
  Discrimination problems
If you are concerned about discrimination problems while traveling abroad, read this material which gives information about the discrimination reasons and some tips on how to avoid them.
  Risk Management
Here you can find some advises on how to avoid being a target of crime. Familiarize yourself with tips that can help you stay safe in new surrounding.
  Under Aged Students
Find out what are the requirements for minor students for traveling abroad.
  Student Health Tips
Think over the issues that can help you to stay healthy during your college study.
  Live in a Luxury while Studying Abroad
You are a student and your budget is limited? It is not a problem for a luxury life. Read how to get a beautiful apartment in a cheap way.
Have you ever date anybody from another country? Here you can find some advices that will be helpful for international relationships.
  Wise Way to Spend Money Abroad
You can do and get much more with the money you are going to spend for your international experience.
  Time Zones in the USA and Daylight Saving Time
Take into consideration the information about time zones and the reasons of why and when people change tine in America.
  Sports in USA
Familiarize yourself with popular American kinds of sports and some national peculiar ones.
  Tradition of Cheerleading in the USA
Have you ever seen any movies about American Cheerleading sport? If you want to get additional information about this notion – read this article.
  Social Security Number
It is better to stay in the USA with a Social Security Number. Read about this piece of document, its importance and the way of issuing.
  Photography Tour
If taking a photography tour has crossed your mind, don’t hesitate for another moment.
  Students’ Discounts in the USA
Learn how to save money only with the help of your student’s status.

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