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Major: International Economic Relations
Status: Workygirl

I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

How to Understand Locals
Olya Bezvushko

Informal language is used in casual conversation at every turn. It may make a use of slang and colloquialisms, employing the conventions of spoken language.

If you are planning to go to the USA, remember that most Americans, especially young people, use conversational English and “slang”. To make it easier for you to understand locals we offer this short dictionary of some informal terms.

ain't: (v.) (He, She, It, We, You, They) is/are not or isn't/aren't; (I) am not or I'm not.

ASAP: (adv. As soon as possible; used to express a need for urgency and quick action.

bucks: (n.) Another word for dollars or cash

change: (n.) 1. amount of money you are owed when you pay for a service and give them more money than is due. For example, if you pay for a five dollar service with a twenty dollar bill, you get fifteen dollars in change. 2. Coin money

charge it: (v.) to use a credit card to pay for a product or service

chill out: (v.) to be calm and relaxed; to be cool

clueless: (adj.) Unaware; naive; lacking knowledge.

cool: (adj.) 1. Calm. 2. Fine, acceptable. 3. Neat; exciting; interesting; very good.

cops: (n.) police officers; officers of the law

couch potato: (n.) A person who spends too much time in front of the television

damn: (expletive)used to express anger, disgust, frustration or pain; an expression of surprise

dude: 1.(n.) Person, especially male. 2.(interjection) A greeting or salutation. 3.(interjection) An indication of surprise.

FAQs: (n.) Frequently asked questions.

for real?: 1. (adj.) True. 2. (interjection) Is it true?

get outta here: You must be kidding! I don't believe you!

hang out: 1.(v.) To relax. 2.(v.) To gather; to be at or with. 3.(n.) A place to meet or get together.

Hello!!?: (interjection) 1. Are you there? I'm trying to get your attention. 2. Are you awake? 3. Are you stupid?

Hey: (interjection) 1. used to get someone's attention. 2. Used to express surprise or anger.

hip: (adj.) 1. In style. 2. Knowledgeable.

ID: (n.) Identification or physical proof of your identity, age, etc.

i.e. (phrase abbreviated): in other words
don't stress: Don't worry.

rap: 1.(v.) To talk. 2.(n.) Talk, statement. 3.(n.) A kind of music sometimes called hip-hop characterized by lyrical talking.

restroom: (n.) lavatory; bathroom.

surf the Web: to do research on the World Wide Web to find websites that may interest or help you

take it easy: (v.) Be calm; relax; rest.

tired: (adj.) Old, repeated, overused.

totally: (adv.) Very; very much.

way: 1.(adv.) Very; too much. 2.(interjection) Yes; positive affirmation to the statement "no way."

what's up: (greeting) Hi. What's new or happening?

White Pages: a telephone directory or listing of mostly residential and business phone numbers and addresses.

yeah: (interjection) Assent or agreement; Yes; positive affirmation.

Yellow Pages: a telephone directory that can help you find businesses, services and entertainment.

yo: 1.(interjection) Hey. 2. (greeting) Hi; what's up.

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