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This is online community of international students studying in the USA.
The site where students help students to survive and thrive during their stay in America.
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Online Community of International Students.
Andrew Litvinov

Hey, Guys!
Have you ever been to USA? Would you like to go there? Would you like to find more about the youth life in USA and other countries round the world?
Isn't that cool to meet exchange students from different countries and to find and share hints on study, work and career or just chat about life with interesting people.
That's why the exists.
What is - internet community of students, studying in USA. - Friends, Forums, Chat, Music, Photos, Greetings etc... - your main source of information on
* Surviving in USA
* Youth Life Round the World
* Education and Work in America

In general, - excellent opportunity for you to
* find life-proven information on the variety of topics.
* meet and make friends with students round the world.
* get official internship online and find a good job.
* share impressions and help other people with your advices.
* participate in lots of youth initiativesworldwide!! is the result of the work of the Team of
students from 6 different countries.
Let's have fun, share experience and keep in touch with students from all over the world.

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Online community of international students.
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