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I am an optimist! "Everything is gonna be good" - this is my motto.

Traveling in the Unites States.
Slava Dolgopyatova

Traveling By Plane.
Let's assume you decided to travel by plane and you are at the point of buying tickets now. Where? How? When? These questions interested me when I was to buy my first tickets in the USA.
If you think that you have to go to the station or booking office, you are terribly mistaken. Here is the most fun part about tickets: you do not have to go anywhere, neither you have to stay in lines or wait for the airline staff to find the tickets for you. This time is gone. All you have to do is go online, search for the most suitable deal, and book a ticket - it'll probably take you 15 minutes total!
Be sure to check out Abroadplanet Traveling Resources and
Air and Bus Tickets Search Tool!
Here are some websites you might find useful: - probably one of the best websites in the area: it provides a variety of prices, airlines, dates, and directions to choose from. They also have really good deals on some flights - check frequently! - what I like about this site is that you name your own price. If you don't want to buy a ticket for $200, you don't have to. You just enter the price you are ready to pay for a ticket from destination A to destination B and 15 minutes later - if the airline accepts your price - you have the ticket.

There also is a whole bunch of airlines' websites, for instance: -the official site of the United Airlines Company. I've traveled this airline more than once and I liked it a lot. - ATTENTION!!! - The cheapest American airline!!!
Check this site in advance. They often have special offers and reduced fares either from/to certain destinations, or on certain days & time. - is mostly flying to destinations like Miami, Las Vegas, etc. - for those of you who live on the east coast since they mostly fly from New York and nearby area.
WARNING: don't get all excited when you've found a good deal online - you might end up paying a lot more than it says on the web, since they add taxes and different fees. Also, keep in mind that you will have to pay for shipping of the tickets (unless you are ok with electronic tickets).
Now, that you've got your ticket, find out the rules of your airline. They are all different as to when to come to the airport, how the seats are distributed, how much luggage you are allowed to take with you. It's better to know these things in advance. All of these are small details, but you don't want to get in trouble because of them.
2 DO NOT TAKE ANY SHARP OBJECTS IN YOU CARRY ON LUGGAGE!!! (you are not even allowed to have manicure scissors).
3 Be ready to be asked to unpack your carry-on at security control, you might be asked to take off your shoes, show what you have in the pockets of your bags and clothes. Don't be shocked or afraid. It is done for your safety. Be patient.
1. Book them way in advance (let's say, 3-4 months or even earlier than that).
2. Buy them at the last minute (when airlines don't sell all the tickets for the flight, they give them away for the lowest prices just to fill the plane and get SOME money).
3. Look for special offers/deals online. You are most likely to save a lot if you live in a big city like New York or Atlanta - these are, by the way, the two cities that have the best deals on plane tickets.
Also, remember that if you want to travel during peak periods (which include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Independence day, and college vacations period), you'd better book your tickets in advance since they sell out really fast and get more expensive the closer it gets to the "peak" date. Another trick I learnt is to leave earlier (and come back later) than all the rest of the people during those periods - this way you escape lines at the airport and get your tickets cheaper as well.


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