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I am an optimist! "Everything is gonna be good" - this is my motto.

Traveling in the Unites States.
Slava Dolgopyatova

Traveling by Bus.

If you looking forward traveling by bus, have a look at the next web site:

It is the site of the Greyhound Company. Buying tickets there is as easy as buying plane tickets. The rule is the same - try to do it in advance. You have more choices and chances to get the ticket you need.
Note: most people travel by plane in this country because of the vast territory and long distances.
I would not advice to travel by bus if it takes more than 4-5 hours. I know a guy who decided to travel by bus from Indiana to California. Crazy - that's all I can say. Now Greyhound is his "life love" as he said. He hates not only buses, but also cars. Do you want it? I hope not.
Yes, you should know some advantages of buses:
1 it's cheaper. I repeat, think what makes more sense - to pay less for a bus ticket or to pay more, travel by plane, enjoy your trip and win time.
2 traveling by bus you see everything around you, get acquainted with the territory. It can make your trip rather pleasant and exciting. But again, if it's not a long one. Believe me; no scenery will seem beautiful if you are in the bus for
8 - 12 - 20 hours.
Be prepared to disadvantages to:
1 buses are often late. Keep it in mind, especially if you have a connecting bus. They usually do now wait for each other.
2 are ready to meet different kinds of people. Especially black and also Spanish- speaking.
3 Those who traveled by bus say that it is connected with the smell of dirty socks L different variations of language, including swearing and so on.

So if it doesn't stop you & if you are not traveling far go ahead and book your greyhound ticket.
Don't forget to take something to drink and also try to sleep during the trip. It will make it easier.
Good luck!


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