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Major: International Economic Relations
Status: Workygirl

I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Olya Bezvushko

Dating with a person of a different culture or ethnic background can be exiting and delightful. Of course, it can be a little bit difficult to understand somebody from different part of the world with different values, even if they are the same like in your country, they will have different meaning. It is important to remember that there are different norms in regard to gender in different cultures. You should keep in your mind that the way men and women interact vary widely by countries and even regions. Simple things like the way somebody dress, body language and eye contact send different messages by culture.

Traveling sometimes is considered as an aphrodisiac. Meeting new people and cultures may stimulate actions that you would never perform under similar circumstances in your home country.

When starting relationship with a person from different culture you should take more time to get to know that person than the one you can understand what they saying. You have to find out how your date was raised. Maybe he/she that the women stay at home and clean, cook and look after husband, while he is working all days long to put food on the table, so your date consider that you will behave in accordance to his/her traditions.

But at first you have to meet somebody you like to get into relationship, and it may seem a kind of difficult in a new environment. If you do not know where to start, try to look for somebody who has the same interests like you do. Check one of these ten easy tips:

     - Start a study group
     - Join a club
     - Find an on-campus job
     - Get to work with the campus newspaper
     - Get to work with the campus year book
     - Join volunteer organization on- or off-campus
     - Join an intramural sports team
     - Start your own club or organization
     - Get involved with a leadership opportunity
     - Attend a religious service on-campus.

As it was said there are different dating styles and traditions in every nation, if you prefer to have expensive first date, your match can understand you in a wrong way, especially if he/she is not used for it due to the national peculiarities, so if you are looking for some date ideas, pay attention to these universal not expensive options and remember that having good time doesn’t have to correlate with spending a lot of money.

     1. Find something fun (and free) in the community. It can be a poetry slam, a reading by an author you both like or a band performing in the park. Look for something available and not expensive that will allow you to get to know each other better while enjoying new and fun stuff together.  

     2. Spend time outside. Get sandwiches from a local deli, go for a walk and have a picnic in some nice place.

     3. Visit a cultural center. Go see an exhibit in a cultural center, museum, art galley or library and enjoy the time off campus together.

     4. Have a coffee or drink together instead of dinner. You will get a chance to talk tête-à-tête.

     5. Go to a small, family-owned restaurant instead of a large chain.

The same like with dates, every nation has its own traditions about giving gifts. Still, you can try some widely known gift ideas that are usually considered to be internationally accepted:

     - Buy a book, by your partner’s favorite author.
     - Delivery of flowers or a cake is a classic.
     - Present a photo frame with a photo of you both together.
     - Music gift certificate for their favorite store, so they can add some new albums to their collection.
     - Tale your match to a concert. 
     - Take your boyfriend or girlfriend out to his or her favorite club, bar or restaurant.
     - Present something that will make their college life easier. It may sound not very romantic, but getting the little gadget like a bike lock or wireless mouse, that your boyfriend or girlfriend has been wanting may make them very happy.

Besides, no matter how you decided to arrange date, always remember about dating safety while you spent time with an unknown person.


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