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I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

The Art of Haggling Abroad
Olya Bezvushko

Haggling and bargaining are not a venture that comes naturally to US citizens while shopping. They usually go to the store, check the prices and buy items if they know that the price is appropriate and they need those things. Americans are trained to assume the marked price and only some dare of them may ask either it is possible to get a better deal on something.†

The case is somewhat different in most international shopping situations. In international markets, prices are not marked to begin with. They are just starting points for the conversation with a seller.

Haggling is an intension to get a better price. The seller will try to get the most money possible and you may just try to buy a thing. But, how it is possible to haggle with a person who speaks different, unknown for you, language? In this case you can use your fingers to show the price that you are willing to pay, however it can be a challenge if the price is greater than 10.

Most students are traveling on a budget, so haggling seems to be a useful thing for them.
Consider haggling tips below to apply haggling successfully:
†††† -†In the first place, haggling is a game and is supposed to be fun, so try to enjoy it and do not take to serious.
†††† -†Control your temper and avoid being rude or you will turn a game into a fight. Remember, that mostly, the sellers who are disposed towards haggling have a really quick-tempered character.†
†††† -†Do not become impudent! The vendor needs to make some profit, so be realistic.
†††† -†Make certain that it is acceptable to haggle, otherwise you will look cheap. It is okay to haggle at the flea market but is not so in the grocery store.†
†††† -†Look in other local shops prices beforehand to be aware of prices in general.
†††† -†If you want to get a better price, point out any imperfections before you start to haggle to get a better price.

The phrases you may use:
†††† -†Oh, I canít afford that!
†††† -†Oh no, thatís far too much!
†††† -†Iíll give you half.
†††† -†Are you kidding? You must be joking!
†††† -†This is your price? Really? Thatís just the tourist rate, what is the real price?
†††† -†No, no, thank you, itís too expensive.
†††† -†Iíll think about it and let you know later.
†††† -†How much it will be if I pay in cash?

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