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Bank account
Usually there would be a bank nearby your campus. If that bank has an ATM machine on campus, use that bank, since when you withdraw money from your bank ATM machine, you would not be charged of service fee.
If not, you can open your account at any bank you like. Citybank is a good one. There're 2 types of bank accounts: checking account and saving account. Most often there will be no service fee for opening student accounts. If you put money into saving account, you may benefit from a tiny interest earned, but you can't withdraw your money out of the bank within a period of time. If you open a checking account, you can't earn any interest but will be able to withdraw money any time.
Debit/credit card
Most often your bank will issue a debit card to you at free of charge. An ATM/debit card can be used to withdraw money from ATM machine, or to use as a credit card at any place have the signs of: VISA/MasterCard. Your debit will likely be either a VISA card or MasterCard card. The difference between debit and credit card is: if you use debit card, your expenses will be withdrawn directly and immediately from your bank account. But if you use a credit card, the credit card company will pay for your expenses first, then send you a combined bill later. Many companies today issue credit card. There're several figures you need to look for, among which are: annual fee and APR rate. If you pay your credit card bill on time every month, there will be no charges. If not, they will charge you the percentages as in Customer Agreement that you signed when applying for a credit card. Contact your bank for more information.
You can visit the following sites , and .
Driver license
If you already had a driver license back home, contact your school's International Advisor for more information on this.
If this is the first time you apply for a driver license, first thing is to go to your County Circuit Clerk Office (ask your international student advisor) to obtain a Driver's Manual for your state. Then study it and go take a written exam at the same office to obtain the so-called "driver permit." With this permit, you can practice driving car but have to have a companion in the car which already had a driver license. You're supposed to hold this permit for a certain period of time before you can go to the Court House in your county to take a driving test on real roads. If you're qualified, you will be given a driver license which has to be renewed after a period of time.
How can my family send money to me?
Your family can go to Foreign Trade Bank to send a money order to you which you can cash at your bank, but the limit is $600 (as to my memory). More than that, they have to go to a special department of the government to get permission. Also visit the Western Union site .


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