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Live in a Luxury while Studying Abroad
Olya Bezvushko

Itís pleasant to live in a luxurious room in the dormitory, however it sounds almost impossible. So, for students it can be a good idea just to alter the living space, it will affect the state of mind, mood and studying productivity.

Efforts to turning your living in a luxuries one with a small budget can take much time and creativity, but the result is worth trying. Do not consider it as a job, better to consider it as a care about yourself. So, read our next advises to make your living space magnificent.

1.†Get the most of what you have. The most space in your room is probably occupied with a bed. If itís like that, than the bed is the most eye-catching object. You have to make the most of it. Put some bright colored stylish throw or add some lace pillow covers and try to have the bed always done if you want the whole room to look nice. If you see that there is something more noticeable than the bed, for example, a big set of shelves or an outsized wardrobe then focus on this area looking very good. Keep in mind, if your focal point looks great it will draw attention away from the faltering items in the room.

2.†Use different materials. If the dormitory administration or your landlord do not allow you to pain the walls and you are already sick and tired of their dull look, add some fabric. Fur rug and satin sheets will add the sense of luxury to your place.

3.†Pay attention to the details. Decorate the walls with framed pictures or magazine cuttings. The posters will not work so good for your room.

4.†Work on light.† Make the most of the natural light source you have in your room. Place mirrors in such way that they will reflect the light and add some shaded lamps, which will provide the room with a soft glow in the evening.†††

5.†Brighten the room atmosphere with some fresh flowers or a little plant. Just make sure you donít leave them for dead.

6.†Add something that you have brought from your country, like a photo of your friends, or your parentís present.

It is not hard to live in luxury on a budget while studying abroad. It is just a state of mind, and once youíve understand this, everything will fall into place.††

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