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Honor Codes Abroad
Olya Bezvushko

Honor codes differ from administrative rules. They usually involve students holding each other accountable for following rules.

In US colleges you are in charge for figuring out and doing what is necessary to get good marks. Your semester grade will depend on a couple of dig papers or tests, instead of daily hometasks. If you miss class you might not pass the exam.

Honor codes are set of rules that concern academic and social life. Students are supposed to follow these rules and expose the violators of these codes, usually to student-governed board. Students give a solemn promise that they will follow the code. When you do this, it means that you may act as you think best, but if you break the code - you have to answer to others. The honor system requires students to report about somebody’s deception (like cheating or plagiarizing) and about their own one to the academic board. The board consists completely of students and usually finds charged students guilty. 

In some colleges, where codes extend to the campus life in the whole, students take tests without supervisors, schedule their own exams, are supposed to express mutual respect and participate in face-to-face showdowns prior to verdict announcement. The board makes the decision by consensus either there is a need to warrant a trial or a situation can be solved informally. In such colleges Honor Codes are considered to create a positive campus environment besides the academic and social integrity. Chancellors are sure that the idea with self-scheduled exams is very good, as students are allowed to take exams when they feel they are prepared, and as a result – do better.

There are no trials due to any social breaches and students are supposed to solve problems on their own, with the help of confrontations. 

If you are going to study in one of the USA colleges, find out either it has an Honor Code. Try to follow it, in case there is one in your school. 

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