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I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Five Points for Surviving in College Dormitory
Olya Bezvushko

Living in a dormitory is something that most of college students have to endure for at least a first semester. I’d like to offer you some tips that probably will make your life in a dorm easier.

- Noise factor. While for you studying abroad in college is considered to be a valuable life experience, for many local students, especially freshmen, it is, first of all freedom from parents. It means playing music as loud as possible, going to bad almost in the morning and drinking a lot. If you are international student you may be interested in getting good knowledge and of course good marks. Keep in mind that the library is always welcome to you, besides headphones and earplugs might become your friends. Start your college education by checking comfortable working places so you can study there in case your roommate decides to arrange a party. But if you can not resist the privacy of your dorm room, develop your dorm’s quite hour policy; for sure there will be many other students who are annoyed by regular noise.

- Your Roommate. As soon as you move into your dormitory, think about setting up major rules. Consider clearing up the details of things you are going to share, being tolerant to the other person when you or he/she is ill and knowing the opinion of other person about overnight guests. Cohabitation is not so easy like it is shown in movies where roommates always become lifetime friends. More often than not, that doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t hurt to try. A roommate can be your confidant, study partner or a dining buddy.

- Furnishing. Unless you book some special room before going to study abroad it is more possible that you will get a neat but half empty room in the dormitory. So be ready to purchase such items for home as dishes, silverware, food storage containers, shower curtain, waste baskets, kitchen tools and towels, cleaning supplies and drinking glasses.

- Bathroom. Unfortunately, usual dorm room bathroom experience is less than ideal. As you will be probably sharing the bathroom with dozens of others students, and you will have to walk through the hallway to get there, consider  buying a few simple things to make your life in a dormitory a little bit more pleasant. Among them are: decent bathrobe, disposable flip flops for the shower, toothbrush and soap holders and a small basket with a handle.

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