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Buying Food in the American Stores.
Slava Dolgopyatova

I will tell you the truth - for me the first visit to a grocery store in America was a real challenge. Imagine walking along the rows with different boxes, cans, packs and understand nothing. Not very pleasant, isn't it? I do not want you ever to be in this situation. That's actually the reason why I wrote this article.
My first advice would be - ask an American to go with you and explain you what is what. Don't be afraid, you won't sound stupid since Americans sometimes need help, too. Just walk around the place and keep your ears open to listen to what you are told. You might want to remember it as the next time you might be alone in the same store.
Second - be prepared to see lots of different kinds of food, fruit and vegetables that you have never heard about or seen. My advice is - ask. Something that seems weird now may happen to be tasty and might turn out to be your favorite food. Besides, isn't it fun to try new things?
Third - before going grocery-shopping write the list of what you need to buy. It is really helpful. You will see that it is possible to walk in circles at these stores for ages! With the list of what you need to buy you just get what you need and do not spend your precious time on walking around and deciding what you want. Besides, if you know exactly what you need it will be easier in case you are lost in some huge store. Ask for a specific product (that you have on your list) and you will get an immediate reply where to get it from any shop assistant - how simple is that?
Four - how to choose the best store for you. Generally, the bigger the store, the lower the prices there are. If this is an important issue for you, find the largest one. If you are a lover of certain kind of food, e.g. Chinese, dairy products, desserts, etc, you can find a special store. But I would advise going to a regular grocery store and trying to find what you need there. They usually offer a wide variety of different products.
Next - don't be afraid to ask for assistance.
A practical advice - different stores have different discount cards that allow you to buy different products for special prices or with great discounts. You might not be eligible for them, though, since you are not an American citizen, but if you apply, you can get an up to 50% discount on that day - you will still benefit even if you don't get the card itself ?.
And the last - If you are absolutely alone and haven't made any friends yet, but have to go grocery shopping, don't be afraid. You are always surrounded by people. Ask an employee of the store to show you around and ask everything you are interested in. Usually they are very kind people and will willingly help you.

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