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I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Go Party
Olya Bezvushko

Tastes differ a lot when it comes to what a good time consists of. Most university students in the US like to have fun on the weekends, usually their weekend activities take the form of parties. There are parties for everybody, from those who enjoy dim lights, loud music and huge amounts of strong drinks that are the usual attributes of fraternities’ parties to those who prefer to spend time in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the house parties.  It is popular among clubs and sport teams to throw parties. In general, a “great” party is best defined as how well it can meet your mood and what type of social interaction do for it. 

Regardless, that college life is thought to be a year-round party, sometimes it can happen that there won’t be any good parties. It will depend on your educational institution, the region it is in, the season of the year. It is difficult to predict what kind of party it will be until you participate in it.

Let’s explore the best party available. While there are many interesting things to do in college except parties, if you want to go out, it is better to figure out what to look for. Pay attention to next two points:

1. Bring the appropriate friends together. In accordance to your feelings you have to determine how you want to spend time at night and then it will be obvious which friends may join you, of course, considering their “party” tastes as well. When you all get together discus one more time where you are planning to go, before you actually head out to it, this will prevent you from wasting time and money for cab. In case somebody change his/her mind. If your friends are planning to go party, and you are not in a mood for one, do not feel like a wet blanket. You can always catch up with them later. If the party is supposed to continue till the morning, prepare for it accordingly.

2. Do not go to the party being in a bad mood. It will ruin your night. Parties are much fun only when you are looking forward to them. When you are in a bad mood, it can make you to drink over your limits/ and the next morning you will find yourself with a black eye or broken nose or just very dirty. Do not drink too much, but if you are planning to go to the party and to get drunk, don’t forget to grab your sober friend with you. Actually, it is much better for you to work at the gym or go jogging for a while. In such way you can head out with a positive outlook. 

In college you are in charge for your own fun and that mean that you should not rely only on parties. Do not limit your options only to a night out once a week. Regardless, the school social events are a kind of “dry”, in such way you can meet many interesting people. May be it will sound strange for you, but most people you will have met at parties can be interesting only while drinking, and it is much more fun to spend time with those whom you have met while they are sober.

One more thing to remember is that parties will be better if you don’t abuse with them.

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