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College Life and Alcohol
Olya Bezvushko

In many countries alcohol consumption is a part of the college life, in US it is also like that. Some researches show that in countries where the legal age to consume alcohol is 18, students are not so obsessed by drinking as students in countries where legal age is 21. In USA it is 21.

Nowadays some universities are setting rules that ban the alcohol from them as much as possible. Many places serve alcohol only on Friday and Saturday nights and some institutions make their students to take an alcohol education program. In case, students abuse the alcohol policies they may be fined or suspended. You should remember that any disobedience will affect any scholarship.

There are many alcohol myths which are popular among students, but you have to know that they are NOT TRUE. In real life:

1. It is not impossible to drink and still be in control. Drinking decrease your judgment and as a result let you do something you will regret about later, such as having unprotected sex or damaging properties, etc.
2. “I can sober up quickly” – NO, it takes at least 3 hours to remove the alcohol content of only 2 drinks, it depends on your weight. Nothing can make this process go faster, neither coffee nor cold shower.
3. Drinking can bring to fatal outcome. 
4. Women react to alcohol in a different way than men. If the girl drink the same amount like guy does she will be more intoxicated and drunk. There is no way that a girl will keep up with her boyfriend.
5. You CAN NOT manage to drive after even a couple of drinks! If you are under 21 driving after drinking any alcohol is illegal and you can loose your license If you have to drink increasingly larger amounts of alcohol to get a “buzz” or get “high” it means that you are developing tolerance, and it is actually a warning sign that you are developing more serious problems with alcohol.
6. Beer has the same amount of alcohol as hard liquor.

So, try to be aware of what you drink, with whom you drink, why you need to drink and try to decide beforehand how you will get home, after having even few shorts!    

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