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I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Studentsí Social Life
Olya Bezvushko

The aim of university might be to further your education, but that doesn't stop you having a good time along side your studies. US college life differs completely from that one in high-school or your native university. It gives you an ultimate freedom. You are proactive with your social life by yourself. There are a number of things you can do to break out of your shelter and have an active and pleasant social life.† Here are some ideas how to do this:

1. Do not lose time. The first week in college may define the whole year. Try to be more outgoing the first week than you usually are. During the first few days, meet and talk to as many people as you can in your dormitory and in classes. When you are planning to attend some meetings invite others to join you. In such way you will form a friendship quickly. Organize weekly games (poker, basketball or anything else you are good at or just like to do), or offer people to get together once a week to watch a favorite television show.

2. Join study groups, which will help you not only to succeed you in studying but will also allow you to meet other students from your classes more often. When you get an assignment, talk to anyone from your class and arrange a studying group to discuss the task. Even if you know how to make the task, remember that when you help others on their homework you will solidify your own knowledge.

3. Get involved on-campus. Join local clubs and organizations. You will meet some of the greatest friends by joining campus organizations. If you live in a dormitory, than remember that it has a bulletin board with a list of events and activities going on.

4. Find an on-campus job. If you are sure you can find time in your schedule to work part-time than try to get one. On-campus jobs are usually rather flexible. Consider getting a job in your intended career path. For example, if you are studying computer information technologies, obtain a job in the computer laboratory. You will get numerous advantageous from working there: real experience, extra money and future networking opportunities (when the time for graduation come it is great to have some connections).

5. Experience a membership in fraternities or sisterhoods. This kind of studentsí life is called Greek life. It is not right for everybody, but if you like the idea of such membership, you can check it out. Your opportunities for getting involved and meeting people are unlimited once you become a member of a Greek organization.

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