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Foreign Law
Olya Bezvushko

The embassy of your country may be limited in what it can do to assist you if you get into legal trouble abroad. In a foreign country being a foreigner you must behave in accordance with foreign law. You can get into serious troubles, in case you do not know local law. Just because something is legal in your native country doesn’t mean it will be legal the one of your future study. Not many students who study abroad break the rule on purpose, but many international students end up doing something illegal without knowing it. Even being a foreigner, you must obey all the laws of your destination country.   

In case you break any local law while staying abroad, you are given no special privileges or rights, and will be dealt with in conformity with the standard procedure of the legal system of your study abroad country. Upon arrival abroad, ask a foreign official about local procedures and laws. Consider, that most international students break the law accidentally, and in most cases alcohol consumption is associated with law breaking.

Try to find the complete information on foreign laws and the legal system of the country to which you are planning to travel.

1. Get to know the relevant law. The foreign law is the same for all visitors, no matter what country you are from.

2. In case you find yourself in legal trouble abroad, like arrested, the embassy of your country may be able to assist you in the following ways:
     - visit you in jail if you are arrested
     - offer you a list of good local attorneys
     - let your family and friend know about your situation and the possible aid
     - secure your being treated well.

3. You will be liable for bearing the financial obligation of your legal representation as well as the result of a trial.

4. Remember, that you will not be protected by US law and Constitutional rights just after you leave the country.  

5. If you are sure that you have been imprisoned unfairly by foreign country’s government, you can get some assistant of your country State Department. It is essential to hire a local attorney.

6. In case you are kidnapped, State Department may help negotiate for your release. Check with your insurance company either you can purchase additional emergency insurance package.

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