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This is online community of international students studying in the USA.
The site where students help students to survive and thrive during their stay in America.
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Students' Guide on How to Get to America.
Going to America focuses on everything you need to know about applying to the American college, getting your visa, and finding scholarships. As well as provides expert advice and tips on the most effective ways to prepare to your tests.


  Where You Can Get a U.S. Higher Education?
One might say, the answer is easy: "Of course, at some college!" Well, this is not enough. Find description of colleges in this article.
  How Do I Look or Does It Matter What You Wear in USA?
Going to the USA and still do not know how to dress? Here you can find the important information on what American fashion is.
  How to Find the Right School for You and the Money For It.
Ever thought how all these people get into colleges and get the US government pay for that? Not that hard! This article provides step-by-step instructions to make it easier for you!
  Travelling to and in the USA
Traveling to and in the USA is too expensive for you? Make use of the student travelling services and save your money on buying tickets.
  Before You Leave
Make sure you've done everything necessary before departure and haven't missed anything important. The following information will help you.
  US Customs and Immigration
When you arrive in the US, you will have to go through Customs and Immigration. Get all the necessary information in advance.
  Application Process: Choosing the Right Institution
This is one of the most difficult and, of course, important parts of the application process. Get some pieces of advice and make a right choice.
  Application process: statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, transcripts.
Very important in your application process are the following documents: Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, transcripts. Get some tips on writing these documents.
  Visa Issues: Obtaining Visa
For obtaining your visa be informed about financial funding, visa interview, required documents, employment issues while on a student visa.
  Visa Issues: Changing Status
If you are already in the U.S. on nonimmigrant visa, and you would like to change your status to a student, if you want to transfer to another school, travel outside the U.S...
  Application Process: Choosing the Right Institution - Part 2
Need to find the college or university in the USA? Look through the list of American colleges and universities.
  College Admissisons
College admission in the US is extremely competitive and US education is very expensive. You'll need much time and efforts to succeed. This article is aimed to help you.
  Your Program Runner
Know more about your program, who runs it and either it is closely connected with home university.
  What only International Students Know
Here are some studentsí advices drawn out of their personal experience.
  Collect the Practical Information
There are some extra advices in this article, which will guarantee the success on your trip abroad.
  Volunteering as Your Abroad Experience
If you havenít decided where to go or what to do, think over spending some time being a volunteer abroad.
  Summer Study Abroad
Check out an opportunity of a short-term international experience.
  Study Abroad Expectations
Know more about the things you may face with while living abroad and try to learn how it is easier to accept them.
  Independent Travel vs. Traveling on Budget Package
You can chose either to purchase a full travel package or to arrange your trip by yourself. Find out what is better
  Benefits of Traveling Alone
What to do if you have to go to another country by yourself? Here you can find out how you will benefit from your solo travel.
  Live in the Family Abroad
Get the information about the self-arranged stay in the family abroad.
  Is it Enough Just to Survive?
Find out what feelings you may experience after arriving abroad and what to do with them.
  Top Reasons to Study Abroad
Are you still not sure about studying abroad? Read our top reasons about the international education in order to vanish all your doubts.
  Work Camps as Your Summer Choice
Think about a program that will offer you traveling, studying and working all in one. Read about workcamp programs and what you can get while participating in one of them.
  How to Take a Laptop Overseas
If you are not sure what to do with your laptop while being abroad, read this information to find out how to keep it safe.
  How to Take a Pet Overseas
Do you have a pet and donít know how to take it abroad with you? Here you can find some advises that can help you to stay with it abroad.
  Reverse Culture Shock
Here you can get some advices on how to cope with reverse culture shock you may feel after returning to your home country.
  Five Ways to Succeed
Consider these tips for having great time while staying abroad.
  Stay Healthy Abroad
Get the tips which will help you to stay healthy while living abroad.
  Is a Life Abroad for You?
There are some questions which you have to determine for yourself, answer them and you will see either you can already go abroad, or there is a need to postpone your trip for a while.
Have you ever dreamed to study on free air? Now you have such opportunity.
  How Your Close Peole may Visit You?
You donít want to separate with your close ones during your stay at school abroad? Consider the opportunity to take your spouse and children with you.
  What are Good and Bad Visa Application Technologies?
Search for additional tips here, which will allow you to get the USA visa easily.
  Most Common Visa Interview Questions
Here you can find the list of the questions which occurs most often during the visa interview.

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