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How to Find the Right School for You and the Money For It.
Andy Neo

Ever thought “How do all these people I constantly hear about get into colleges AND get the US government pay for that?” Not that hard, if you know what sites to go to on the Internet. And if you know what it is exactly you are doing. So, your firs step is to decide whether you want your second degree to be an Undergraduate or a Graduate one. When it comes to WHERE to write to – you better know your way around.

If you haven’t got a clue what institution you are looking for go to the search engines for help. Education on,, etc., will help you make a list of institutions you will be writing to. Just log on to the sites and fill out the forms they provide.
You may use our University Search Tool to find addresses and basic info about your desired universities. Do that you will have to answer questions like Do you want the school of your choice to be small or large? What do you want the setting to be? What will your probable major be? A rather good site for that is It will not only provide you with a list of colleges that answer your needs, it will offer you the information about them, the opportunity to fill out their application and will offer you to mail the information requests on your behalf.

Request Information
Once the site gives you the names of the schools that match your criteria now it is up to you to get their information. The best way is to write them. For that you can use either snail mail (longer, more expensive) or e-mail (faster, more efficient).
“Where do I get the addresses?” On their sites! The search engines usually provide links to admission offices of the schools and you can find all the info you need over there. And that is:
1) The admissions office e-mail
2) The name of the Director of Under / Graduate Admissions
3) The Financial Aid department address
4) The name of the Director of Financial Aid for your region

In the letter of inquiry you should state the following information:
1) Identify yourself as a prospective international student, since schools usually have different application forms for foreign nationals
2) Your name (last name distinguished)
3) Your date of birth (month identifiable)
4) Your mailing address
5) Your citizenship and country issuing your passport
6) Your past and present edu (chronologically)
7) Intended program of study
8) Month and year you plan to enter
9) Summary of your financial situation
10) A list of your scores (TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT etc) and # of years you studied English
This letter should be sent out to schools as early as possible, as early as you end up with your list of several dozen schools, because it will take about 4 weeks for you to get the information package and often times you will find yourself in need of more info.

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