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College Admissisons
Andy Neo

US Education
The US educational experience is among the best in the world. Many US colleges and universities are known throughout the world for the quality of their academic programs. Institutions such as Harvard University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Cornell University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are familiar to students, educators, and business leaders everywhere.

More than four hundred fifty thousand international students from more than two hundred countries around the world come to the United States to pursue a higher education each year. Approximately half enter undergraduate programs, with the rest seeking a graduate or professional education. 5% come from Africa, 58% from Asia, 14% from Europe, 10% from Latin America, 7% from the Middle East, and 5% from Canada. The countries with the greatest number of international students studying in the US are: Japan (8%), China (8%), Korea (7%), India (6%), Taiwan (6%), Canada (4%), Malaysia (3%), Thailand (3%), Indonesia (2%), Hong Kong (2%), Germany (2%), Mexico (2%), Turkey (2%), United Kingdom (1%), Russia (1%).

On the other hand, a US education is extremely expensive. Financial aid is very limited. You may be able to obtain similar training in your own country at a much lower cost. You will have to balance the cost against the prestige and quality of a US education.

First Step
Your first step should be to to locate the educational advising center. Visit and US Embassy in your country. The educational advising centers are located in US Information Service offices, in Fulbright Commission offices, at Institute of International Education (IIE) offices, and at other locations. They provide much information and advice free of charge. They can provide profiles of US educational institutions, a review of application requirements, procedures and strategies, information about financial aid, information about standardized tests required for admission, such as the TOEFL, SAT, and GRE, information about visas, and information about adjusting to academic and cultural life in the United States. They include a reading room and an extensive library of reference materials. They offer a variety of seminars, including a pre-departure orientation session.

Educational advisors will need to know some basic information about your educational status and goals. They will need to know your grades, your intended field of study, which schools or where in the US you want to study, whether you will need financial aid, and your English language proficiency.


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