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I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

What only International Students Know
Olya Bezvushko

There are things that your study abroad advisors will not tell you about, unless they have been international students themselves. This is not due to their wish to keep something as a secret. No, you will get such amount of information that you will feel like you know about your destination country more than about your home one. But it will be just part of what you should really know.

Firstly, let’s talk about clothes. You have heard this regular advice “don’t bring too much clothes as it will take too much space and you won’t actually wear it abroad”. This is true, but only to some extend. There is always a chance to bring too much, but you can underpack your stuff as well. It happened mostly when students are going to Europe. While Americans like to dress casually on campus (like t-shirts and jeans), Europeans are more picky about what to wear and dress up whenever an opportunity presents itself. You’d better talk to someone who have been to your destination country recently and ask them what you will need. Moreover, remember that you will have a great temptation to renew your wardrobe at least with something that is in fashion in you new place of living, so your clothes will for sure grow after your arrival.  

Secondly, the question of relationships is very important for those who have decided to study abroad. If you are in one, be conscious of the fact that it might not survive your trip. Long-distance relationships will distract you attention from the study and you will miss out many interesting things if you keep spending all your time thinking or dreaming about your significant about your loved one. It may sounds strange for you right now, but you’ll better consider cooling things off. It doesn’t mean that it will be for ever, when you return you may decide to reunite, and in such way you will just check the sincerity of your feelings.

One more point you should think about is sex. Do not take any really stupid risks and stay for safe sex. And don’t be surprised when you find out that your opinion about sexual manners is totally off. For example, English are usually thought to be a nation of prudes, but they are not like that. One more example, for sure you have heard about courteous French men, but if you are a woman in France do not be shocked when you get a propositioned in a grocery store from a total stranger.

Another thing you have to consider is financing. Yes, you’ve heard and read about this a lot, but I’d like to add is that you have to do whatever is possible to cover all your probable expenses (get a student’s loan or work overtime). But even when you are done with your tuition fees and living costs, consider taking a part-time job while your stay overseas. The extra cash doesn’t hurt.       

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