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Major: International Economic Relations
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I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Top Reasons to Study Abroad
Olya Bezvushko

There are many reasons that support the idea of studying abroad. Here are some of them:

     1. Figure out your future goals. While you stay abroad you will experience different things that can influence your future life. Some students discover a newfound passion for travel; make up their minds to work abroad, desire to learn a new language. Others, change their major and priorities due to the new things they learn from studying abroad. After being abroad for a while, you may wish to continue with your higher education into either a master or a doctorate; you will get an edge on the competition. Besides, you never know who may be impressed by your travels.

     2. See the world. You can experience so many wonderful things, like various natural landscapes and climates that do not exist in your home country. You can broaden your horizons, knowledge of the world by being there, touching it, seeing it and experiencing it. Every country has its own historical landmarks that disclose the history of the world.    

     3. Gain a new perspective of your home country.  When you spend all your life in one country your view of the world became rather limited. From the point of view of someone else’s culture you can better see your own one. You will understand the importance of keeping your own traditions alive.       

     4. Learn a language in the country it is spoken.  The only way to become absolutely fluent in a language, it is to be immersed in it. If you have studied a language for several years and want to become fluent in it go abroad. On the contrary, if you have never studied that language, take into consideration that above half of all Study Abroad programs do not require any foreign language skills.

     5. Increase your financial and professional potential. International experience is a great part of any resume. The international and cross-cultural skills you will gain while being overseas will add up to your employment opportunities and as a result will expand your income potential. There is a high demand now for globally-minded employees. Many companies are looking for individuals with multi-lingual and multi cultural experience. In addition, students may also take advantage of international internship for a work experience abroad that is valued a lot among the US employers. 

     6. Acquiring knowledge through new relationships. The relationships formed while studying abroad might become the most intimate friendship you will ever develop. You will face with people, who have different backgrounds and cultures. Some of them may become life-long friends. You will see that despite being from different parts of the world, people have much in common and much to learn from one another.

     7. Fight stereotypes by informing others. There are a number of stereotypes about each nation, which appear to be very unfair. It happens due to misleading information on TV, radio and Internet and also due to some historical incidents. Through studying abroad you can become a representative of your country and to encourage the positive understanding of global diversity. 

     8. Disperse your own stereotypes. There is a saying: those who travel should leave their prejudices at home. Besides, serving as a cultural ambassador to dispel others misconceptions about your nation, while doing an internship you get a chance to break down some of your own preconceptions about other peoples and countries.

     9. Becoming a full-time student. In another country even a routine activity, such as shopping for groceries appeared to be an educational experience. In addition to learning during your classes abroad, traveling is in education itself.  

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