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Most Common Visa Interview Questions
Olya Bezvushko

So, I made a kind of research in Internet and combine the material from there with my own experience, and figure out such 10 most popular questions during visa interview.

†††† 1.Why do you want to go to the USA? It is the most popular question put to international students. It is a good idea to give short explanation of the education and research opportunities that are not available in the studentís home country. It will convince the visa officer to some extend.

†††† 2.How did you find this university? It is an easy question, as the Internet is a primary source for doing research on every university.

†††† 3.Why have you chosen this university? You basic reasons for choosing the university should be specific academic advantages. Students might have participated in research projects, so making notes about past experiences, or knowing a specific professor at the university will be advantageous to students going to the interview.

†††† 4.Which sponsor organization supports your program? You may answer that your parents and family are your sponsors. If some educational loans and companies provide the financial support just say about them. No matter who is your sponsor, you will have to provide its details with sufficient proof of financial capabilities for the sponsors.†

†††† 5.What is your mother/father/sister/brother occupation? If parents are your main sponsors, than consulate officer will try to find out your familyís financial capability.

†††† 6.Why you have chosen this program? You can give a brief summary of your past academic experience and future career goals.

†††† 7.What is your sponsorís income per year? This question is also made to find out more about studentís financial situation.

†††† 8.†What would you like to do after graduation? You can state what you are intended to do after graduation according to your plans. In most cases it is preferable to tell that you see your future only in your home country, to avoid being suspected as a possible immigrant.

†††† 9.Why you will return back home after your studies? Name economic, family and social ties.†

†††† 10.†Very often you can be asked about the details on piece of clothes you are wearing during the interview. (For example, once I was asked about my necklace, where I had gotten it and why I liked to were it).

Remember, that you are required to provide honest answers, as the visa officers face with many cases every day and are able to judge easily either you are telling the truth or not.

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