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Application Process: Choosing the Right Institution - Part 2
Andy Neo

If you want to obtain a college degree in the United States, you should request information from at least 10 institutions. Some international students apply to as many as 15 institutions, especially if they are in highly competitive fields like engineering, business, or computer science.
Do not limit your selection to only the most famous internationally-known institutions. If you do, your chances of being admitted to even one school will be infinitesimally small.
It is important to make sure that the school offers a degree program in your chosen field of study. Other considerations include the quality of the institution or department, the admission requirements, the cost (and the availability of financial aid, if any), the size of the institution, the location, housing policies, and the availability of ESL programs.
The most important factors in choosing a location are climate and cost of living. Costs are higher in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. In contrast, costs are much lower in the South and in cities like Pittsburgh and Seattle. The most popular destinations in the US for international students are California, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida and Texas.

In the first part first part of this article you could find some tips on finding the college or university that fits your needs. Now have a look at some more links to American colleges and universities that offer programs for international students.

Abilene Christian University (TX)
Albright College (PA)
Allegheny College (PA)
Amherst College (MA)
Augsburg College (MN)
Augustana College (IL)
Bard College (NY)
Bates College (ME)
Beloit College (WI)
Bennington College (VT)
Bethany College (WV)
Bowdoin College (ME)
Brandeis University (MA)
Bryn Mawr College (PA)
California Lutheran (CA)
CalTech (CA)
Central College (IA)
Cleveland Institute of Music (OH)
Coe College (IA)
Colby College (ME)
Colgate University (NY)
Columbia University (NY)
Concordia College (MN)
Cornell University (NY)


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