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Major: International Economic Relations
Status: Workygirl

I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Five Ways to Succeed
Olya Bezvushko

Studying abroad is both a wonderful opportunity and a difficult experience, not for those who are easily discouraged. I want to offer you some tips, derived from my personal experience:

1. Before getting to experience another country, leave your home behind. While you are abroad immerse in foreign culture, try to get as deep as you can. It will be difficult for you to do this if you will be imbued with what is going on at home too much. Internet and long conversations by phone with people from your home country will prevent you from getting acquainted with new environment. You will miss the life around you if you are busy with the one you’ve left behind.

2. Your success depends on your actions. Nobody can set the goals for you but you. If you are planning to improve your language skills – practice, if you want to find new friends – go out and socialize more.

3. Do not be proud and do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is normal for anyone to make mistakes while learning new things. This is the way to learn better. Don’t be scared to talk to people even if you are not sure you are telling everything right. Communication is the key to your goal. The more you speak with people, the greater your ability to express yourself will be. 

4. Be 10 times more polite than you used to be. You will be more likely to succeed in communicating and achieving your goals if you are nice and polite with others. Familiarize yourself with a local customs so not to offend anyone or embarrass yourself. 

5. Challenge yourself socially. Studying is important but so is the cultural experience too. Of course you want to get the highest marks in school, but if you are planning to study only in the classroom you should have better stayed at home. Try things you have never tried. Do not overload yourself with studying, otherwise you will miss out on a lot of fun and make yourself miserable.

Moreover, keep in the mind, that a good sense of humor can be your best asset. The same word may have different meaning in different languages, and while you are studying with other international students, be able to laugh at yourself and at awkward situations and you will have much better experience.

Everyone has bad days when they want to go back home. Do not worry, these days will pass. Better, always remember that you are one of few lucky people who get a chance to study abroad. Go learn the new world and, what is the most important, enjoy it!

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