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I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Stay Healthy Abroad
Olya Bezvushko

For international students staying healthy is a key concern. You may face unfamiliar diseases and a different health care system in other countries, so, you’d better keep in mind these general advices:

     1. Preparation before leaving. Learn as much as possible about the health risk of your destination. This awareness will allow you to prepare better to stay healthy. Make sure that you have all standard vaccinations are valid. Make a research about additional vaccinations that are recommended for the host country, such as yellow fever and typhoid fever, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Think about your health. Get an international vaccination certificat with a list of all your vaccinations. Besides, bring the information about the medications that you are allergic to. If you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses write down its prescription details, in case there is a need you will easily replace them. If you take any prescription medicines, get the detailed information about them. They are probably available abroad, but have the different name. 

     2. Adaptations to the New Conditions. Use the local people’s tricks to stay healthy. If you see that locals drink only purified water. Put a filter on your kitchen faucet and try to clean fruits and vegetables only with pure water.  

     3. The most usual health problems for students abroad are related to different food and water bacteria. They can lead to short-term digestive problems. Pay special attention to insect bites, minor cuts and wounds, as they should be treated more careful than you usually do at home. 

     4. Medical Help Abroad. Pharmacists often provide useful health advices and information about the pills you may need if you have minor health problems. Many prescription medications you may buy over the counter. Learn about the local public health system before going to host country. If you need to find a trustworthy doctor, apply to your embassy or consulate and they will offer you a list of local doctors and hospitals.         


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