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This is online community of international students studying in the USA.
The site where students help students to survive and thrive during their stay in America.
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Studying in the USA Practical Guide.
Tips and advice from other international students studying in the USA for those who decided to follow their path.


  Online Community of International Students.
Where students from all over the world share their experience and impressions of USA and their own countries. Get help and advices from our members!
  First Challenge - Choosing Classes.
The first thing that you have to think about is choosing your classes. Complete description and hints on this vital for every student question you'll find there.
  How to Get Cheap Books?
One of the most necessary things you need to do right upon the arrival is to buy books. But usually price for books varies from $70-100 a book. Useful hints and tips you'll find there.
  Brief Outline of American English.
Get interesting insight on the Language in USA.
  Structure of the American System of Education.
The moment you enter a high school or college classroom, one certainly finds out that American educational system has several distinctive features.
  Advice on Preparing for Tests and Exams.
Studying abroad is always a challenge for international students. This article gives you some practical tips how to prepare for the tests in new environment.
  Preparing for Tests
One of the first and important steps of applying to USA higher education institutions is taking standardized tests - TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, TSE and others.
  Financial Aid for Graduate Study
Need financial aid for college? Look through the types on finaid and find the one that can help you get money for college.
  Financing Study Abroad
Get the information about the ways you can cover the costs of study abroad in the US.
  Economical Way of Studying Abroad
Are you interested in possible ways of saving money while studying& Here you can find some useful advises.
There is an orientation sessions in every university before the beginning of studying semester. Explore what you can gain during it and how to alter your type of personality to the new environment.
  Language Importance
Think over paying attention to one more foreign language study while staying abroad. Here you can find explanation how it will benefit you in future.
  Sharpen Your Language Skills
Here you can find information about the possible ways of improving foreign language skills using American English as an example.
  Personal Grant
Think over creating your own project to be able to get a rant. Here you can find some tips that will help you to succeed.
  International Education with a Disability
Browse through the information concerning the education abroad for disability students.
  Get a Medical Degree Overseas
If medicine is your dream, you can try to learn it somewhere overseas.
  5 Myths about the Language Learning
There are some wrong believes about the foreign language learning. Lets have a look at them.
  How to Choose Summer Educational and Travel Program
Familiarize yourself with some points which are essential while choosing a summer program.
  University Tasks in the USA and Their Evaluation
Read about the tasks variety you will have to carry out and how they are evaluated.
  US Higher Education System
Read about the variety of US higher education institutions before leaving abroad and clear up with one you’d like to attend.
  Attendance Policy in the US Universities
Read about the rules that concern to general University attendance notions.
  University Transfer
It happens that students do not stay in their current university any more. If you also feel like this, discover how it is possible to change the school.
  College Fashion
Are you interested what it is better to wear for the US college classes? Here you can find some basic claims that are especially beneficial for girls.
  New Trends in International Students Programs
Read this article just for being aware about the current situation and trends in international college programs.
  College Bookstores and Libraries in America
Clear up the things that have to do with libraries and bookstores in America, and read about the novelties of book providers.
  All-Women’s College
This article is only for girls! Guys, unfortunately you cannot go to such colleges!
  Catholic College
Look through the information about colleges which are really welcome to international students and offer a high level of education.
  Historically Black College
Familiarize yourself with one more kind of higher education institution and consider it as your study abroad experience.
  Faster Ways of Learning language
Learn about the methods which can make the process of learning new language appreciably quicker.
  Live in a Language House
Language Houses offer a great opportunity for college students who love a particular language, want the opportunity to practice more, and are looking to live on campus.
  Bad College Study Habits
Here is the list of most common bad study skills and mistakes that college students often do, and some advices on how to avoid these academic traps.
  Things Professors Hate to Hear
Stay in good relationship with your professors if you want to succeed in college. Read about the actions and behaviors you should avoid for this.
Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Homestay
An American homestay is a great choice for many reasons!

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