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Major: International Economic Relations
Status: Workygirl

I am fond of chocolates, flowers, friends, loud music, watching movies, taking pictures and traveling!!!

Olya Bezvushko

Compulsory orientation sessions are held twice a year. First one is in the fall for winter and spring semester students and one in spring for summer and fall academic year participants. Your program coordinator may schedule few more additional orientation meetings before the beginning of your studying semester. Nowadays students are informed through Internet about the meeting schedule and its changes. Besides, you will be provided with information orientation packets. 

Read (or at least skim) the orientation packet and find out about the scheduled seminars, tours, skits and other activities. Orientations differ from school to school, and can last from a weekend to a six-day outdoor expedition. It’s better to know what you are getting yourself into and if there is a choice in types of orientations prefer the one you are predisposed to and you feel you’d gain the most from it.    

There are people with different types of personality and points of view, but still everybody can benefit from the experience. Consider some tips, in accordance with your temper:

     1. The people of a shy type may consider entering a new and unfamiliar environment a little bit overwhelming or sometimes – even scary. If feel like this type, remember that all people in college are in the same boat. It doesn’t matter either you are an international student or a local one, a freshmen or a graduate, keep in mind that everybody are not sure what to expect and, very likely, do not know many people. Regard your new situation as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Start conversation with someone in your study group about their view of studying, how they already like it. If you are not very comfortable with walking up to unfamiliar people, look for a quite spot in the dinning room or somewhere else in campus, stay their for a while and think of it as your chance to plunge into your surrounding and to absorb all the new information.

     2. For those who are very enthused type, orientation is about meeting new friends, getting the concealed information about the extracurriculars and looking for the best place to eat on campus. Find another person who also seems enthusiastic and swap the new information you’ve learned. But if you think about non-atop party time, better slow down during orientation period and take advantage of the upperclassmen, faculty, and staff available to acquaint yourself with where everything interesting and useful is located.    

     3. For those who are unenthused type – remember that the first impression stock and nobody will like to make friends with a person who looks disappointed that they are there. Discover various organizations and classes that sound interesting. If you are not exited about your new environment, do not worry – you are just getting a taste of what’s to come. Keep in mind, that the most successful student is the one who makes most of their situation!

     4. Finally, the only thing that I can say for never-been-away-from-home type is that instead of focusing on what you will be leaving behind, try to think about what lies ahead! New friends, new places, new culture!

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