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Things Professors Hate to Hear
Olya Bezvushko

There is a list you should never ever say to your professor if you want keep things in your college life going smoothly. 

1. “Have I missed anything important in class?” If you were absent from class, this is the last thing to say. Professors are under the illusion that everything they do in their classes is important. Whether it’s true or not, asking a professor if he did anything important in class today is rude. Professors spend quite a bit of time and effort putting together their classes, and most of them take pride in what they do.

2. You should never say “he/she has gotten a higher mark than me, and I worked much more”. This is another kind of statement that will cause your professor to label you as a complainer. Professor is not supposed to discuss grades of other students with you, in some colleges it is illegal and can get a professor fired, so such comparison is useless. 

3. “Other teachers don’t make their students to do these kinds of assignment”. Never compare your class or workload unfavorably to somebody else's. How do you think the professor will respond? Will she say, "Oops, sorry. My bad. I guess you don't have to do the assignment." Not likely, huh? Instead, she will decide that you're a whiner, and remember this when she's putting marks to your assignment.

4. “It’s too much work! Has anybody told you that we have other classes?”Again, how to you expect the professor to respond? "Oops, sorry. I thought you were all just taking my class. Please forgive my lack of consideration. I'll cut your workload in half immediately." Complaining about the workload to a professor is as pointless as complaining about your workload to a boss-- and there's no easier way to get yourself labeled as lazy and uncooperative.

5. “I haven’t carried out my paper because I was seek (my dog was seek, my neighbor spoiled coffee on it and so on).” In the real world, deadlines count, no matter what. The best way to avoid last minute problems is to avoid doing your work at the last minute.

An annoyed professor is the last thing you want, because guess who has the grade book? Put down your cell phone and read about behaviors that drive professors crazy.

Unless you want an angry professor, avoid these behaviors:
- whining
- text messaging your buddies in class
- chatting
- turning in papers without staples
- calling professors at home
- chronic lateness
- poor email etiquette
- blowing off appointments
- snotty comments in class
- failure to turn off mobile phone.

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