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Live in a Language House
Olya Bezvushko

Language Houses are campus residencies where students agree to speak the same foreign language, like Spanish, French, Russian, or Japanese. There is often a resident graduate student or foreign exchange student whose job is to help others practice the language and learn the culture.

The biggest advantageous of living at a Language House is being surrounded by people who have the same passion.

But while language living can be great, residents admit it is also challenging. It's very tempting to come home from a really hard test, or a long day of classes, and converse in English. But at most language houses, English is taboo for at least part of the day.

There is no need to be an ace linguist to live at a language house. If you want to succeed, come to live in such house with a desire to learn and improve. Improved grammar and increased vocabulary won’t take long to appear. Other good tips for making the most out of living in a language house include: taking opportunities to practice, being open-minded toward native speakers and their cultures, no reasons  to worry about making mistakes, there you can just talk.

Before you set off to live in a language house, make a research and find out:

     1. Language requirements in particular house. Some houses don’t have any, others require students to have several years of experience, or have a language major.
     2. What are house living conveniences, such as space, roommates, price, amenities, etc?
     3. Are there any chores, like washing dishes, cooking or cleaning bathroom? 
     4. Are there any mandatory activities in the house?

Living in the language house is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about a language and its culture. It can make you really fluent. 

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