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University Transfer
Olya Bezvushko

If you think you can no longer continue at your institution for whatever reason then don’t panic! Students are sometimes not happy with their courses at the university and do not want to change within the University.
In such case, you have to book an appointment with your Students Union advice centre and explain that you want to transfer.

It’s common for students to make some changes after their first year, but this doesn’t mean that you will have less chances of your transfer request being realised after your second or third year of study.

If you want to transfer while studying on the second or third years, you’d better say that you have “personal reasons” due to which you need to change the school. This gives the benefit of the authorities not able to ask why you want to transfer (reducing the awkwardness of explaining to your tutors that you hate your subject) and will gain you the compassionate card. Those of you who are in your first years and wanting to transfer – just be honest, institutions are be used to people who want to transfer and they will do their best to help you out.

Before you tell your course leaders that you are going to leave, it is wise to first e-mail the admissions office of the University you want to transfer too, explaining your situation. If they say that you’re likely to be accepted (i.e., do you have the right grades for the new course) then now is the time to e-mail your own institutions admin office explaining you wish to transfer.

If you are doing a business course (for example – this applies to any subject) and have passed your first year – it is more than likely you can transfer these first year CATS credits to your new course – meaning you can start your second year at the new institution rather than starting again at the first. If you have completed your second year, it may be likely you could transfer your second year credits aswell – bat at firs ask about everything!

Sometimes there is a need to re-apply to your new institution again via Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. For some categories of students it means you’ll have to re-enter all your General Certificate of Secondary Education results again and write a new personal statement but, be sure, it’s worth it. It is important to have an academic reference, a good one! Make sure you select the correct year of entry you want to enter. Try and be swift with getting your application in. Once the new institution receives this application they may ask you for an interview, or ask for proof of your first year grades and modules seeing if they match up with the first year modules you would have taken on your new course. In some cases it is required to send proofs of your a-level results etc.

When you get accepted, you’ll have to confirm this again via Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Then, you’ll need to tell your previous institution that you wish to formally withdraw – remember that you can do this only when you’ve been confirmed at your new institution.

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