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Economical Way of Studying Abroad
Olya Bezvushko

You want to study abroad but are limited in money? It’s not a problem! If you behave wise and plan your living costs you can survive abroad even with a comparatively small amount of money.

The average college education, for example in the USA, can induce serious shock. Tuition fee, textbooks, coffee during finals and various emergencies (like new iPod or stylish purse) – prices for everything go up every year. Why I have mentioned coffee? Now you will have to count everything.

Arm yourself with a wise budget plan and you will avoid empty bank account at the end of semester. Read some basic tips for money-saving and you stay in the money while studying abroad:

     - Put your expenses on paper. Write what income you have over a certain period of time (for example, one week) and what are your total future expenses. Otherwise it will be easy to deceive yourself that you spend less than you actually do. If it turns out that your expenses exceed your income, you have to consider some changes in your budget. If you are spending 40$ on Coke from the campus, buy a twelve-pack and cut that number in few times. Check Amazon for used textbooks. Get a bus puss. Even saving a dollar on every unit will keep you afloat longer.
     - Pay in cash. A dollar is a dollar, but when you pay with a card it’s easy to loose control of counting your spending. When the amount of bills in your wallet decrease, you start to understand that you have to save or still have enough for wasting. 
     - Take advantage of your college. You pay tuition, so take advantage of what it covers. It can be cheaper to leave on-campus, where the college pays utilities bills and Internet connection. Besides that, there are many little things that are for taking – free wi-fi, printers, pizza and taco study snacks – so get the most from your tuition fee.
     - Find a credit card you can live with. Why you need it? It can help you to establish a credit history for future purchases and it is good to have one in case of real emergency. Many companies are enticing with offers of free pizza, unlimited credit lines and many other bonuses. Try not to be tricked at. Look for a credit card with a low annual percentage rate, good grace period, and a reasonable amount you are allowed to spend. Proceed with caution and only after following all the asterisks.
     - If you have some financial problems, do not hesitate and go to the school’s financial aid officer. He is used to help students to get rid of loans and debts.

And some more general tips:

     - When choosing a country for your abroad education or internship, consider one where the currency is weaker than then the currency of your home country. This will work if you take money with you from home, in the result you will pay less for housing, travel expenses and living costs.
     - Learn to cook. Eating out can be very expensive in large cities and in countries where currency is stronger than in your country. If you have housing with a kitchen, and grocery store and produce markets are available it is a good idea to cook your own meal.
     - Find alternative entertainment. Attend free concerts or university-sponsored events; get involved in a university club.

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