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Attendance Policy in the US Universities
Olya Bezvushko

Just for you to know, the Student Attendance Policy was developed to help students to use their learning potential in the best way and to give students the every opportunity to succeed.

So, the general expectations regarding Student Attendance are set out in the University Student Contract and Student Charter (and will be provided for you in the Student Handbook and on the University's web pages). This Attendance Policy relates to all University programmes. For those programmes leading to professional awards, where additional attendance requirements are specified by the relevant Professional Statutory Body (PSB) and for those programmes where specific attendance requirements are detailed in the validation documents, such requirements are published separately.

Attendance at classes at the University is compulsory. You will be required to attend all classes and to take responsibility for your own learning. Learning is a shared experience and students are expected to play a part in promoting collective understanding.

Remember that good attendance can help you to enhance educational development within the area of study, do not miss any important information on the subject, be ready to all tasks, perform any practical and group work on the high level.

The School timetable may include classes in the morning, afternoon or evening. These classes take place at a range of University locations. The timetable is published in advance on the University's web and is available to view via the Students Link from the Homepage. You should check your timetable as soon as it will be available. If you are planning to follow combined honours programmes you have to choose any options available in their programmes of study from the relevant timetable option slot (e.g. X, Y or Z). Students are not permitted to take options which clash and should notify their tutors if they become aware of any timetable clashes.

It is essential to arrive on time for classes. Late arrival causes disruption to other class members and is unfair to the tutor.

Students should check notice boards (including Blackboard, if appropriate) and email communications regularly for information that may include important timetabling or room changes. Staff is asked to be mindful of students with disabilities when notifying them of timetable changes and to use the appropriate agreed means of communication i.e. not a small notice on the notice board when there is a visually impaired student in the class.

You should notify your tutors (or nominated administrator) of any absence from classes.
Your program director will be responsible for ensuring that all course tutors maintain, as far as possible, an accurate record of student attendance, especially for seminar attendance where groups are smaller and attendance more easily monitored than in larger group settings.

For any University programme where there is systematic non attendance the student will be contacted by the relevant Department. It reminds the student that classes have been missed, it requests an explanation as to why classes have been missed, than it invites the student to discuss with their personal tutor and/or programme director any problems they might be experiencing that could be the cause of their poor attendance.

In the event that a student does not turn up to see the Head of Department or non-attendance continues, the Academic Registrar will be informed and the student will be sent a letter stating that they are 'assumed to have withdrawn'. Their record will be amended accordingly unless they contact the Head of Department/Registry. The letter from the Registry will include reference to the independent advice available from Student Support and Guidance Services.

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