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This is online community of international students studying in the USA.
The site where students help students to survive and thrive during their stay in America.
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Students Advises on Finding a Job in America
Jobs & Career presents tips, tricks, writing resume techniques and expert advice how to find jobs and internships in the USA.


  Work in US.
Basic principles you always should remember while working in America.
  How to Find an Internship in the USA.
Some fresh ideas and tips for those who are looking for internships. (Business Majors)
  Internship as the Reality of Our Studying.
Describes the process of finding an internship and gives some useful advice.
  My First American Job.
Being a student in the States you can easily find a part-time job. Here you can find some practical advice how to search for a job on campus.
  Being a Teaching Assistant in the USA.
Have you ever considered becoming a TA? Maryna tells you everything you would ever wanted to know about Teaching Assistants!
  Looking for Work in the USA
Employment of nonimmigrants in US is strictly regulated and failure to follow the employment law can result in loss of privileges. Get some tips on looking for work int he USA.
  Illegal Work
Are you planning to work illegal while studying in the USA? Read carefully this article and have a good look at all pros and cons of illegal job.
  How to Find a Job
If you find it difficult to get a job abroad, read this information and get to know what other tools of job searching exist.
  Summer Jobs
Have you decided what to do in summer? Read this information to get to know what are the benefits of summer jobs.
  Job Search Tips
Look through the tips which may appear to be really helpful while looking for a job
  Most Common Types of Internship
Potential employers prefer to hear exactly what kind of experience you want, in such way you will look and sound more informed and focused if you can describe to potential employers exactly what kind of experience you want.
  Unpaid Internship…is it a Good, Legal Option?
It’s nice to hear about unpaid internships. They are considered to provide respect and numerous benefits both to employer and interns. But is it really true? Is unpaid internship more meaningful than paid one?
  How to Change Full Time to Flextime
Flexible schedule it is what you need for work while studying, so get some tips which will help you to get it.

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Christine tells how to save money on international phone calls while calling home.
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