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Major: Economics
Status: Editor

How to Find an Internship in the USA.
Yahya Mirzashev

About an Internship for Students, whose major is an Economics. I am writing about my experience, which I had during my study at the University of North Carolina, at Charlotte. Because of economic struggle, find an internship is very hard process in Charlotte (maybe at other American cities too). Unemployment rate among college graduates is high.
Especially its concern those, who studied finance, accounting, economics. Remember, you are exchange student, so you have little less chance than an American Student. You may forget about paid Internship, of course if you will find same, good for you. But, as future economist, you know that, American economy, these years not so well. Donít go to International Student office, asking about help. They cannot help you, there working very nice people, but they have lot of other problems.
Donít ask ACCELS program officers, it is not their problem finding internship for you. Try doing it by your self. Everybody, your International Student advisor, your ACCELS advisor would suggest you go to University or College Students Carrier Center. Believe me if you will do so, you will simply waste your time. People from Center, would listen you with big attention, and then politely will ask you leave them your CV or resume, and would tell you wait for couple of days. Your resume, Carrier Centre will put to General Information Base, where any potential employer will look for employees.

So, imagine which resume employer would choose yours (undergraduate student from republics, name of these states, most Americans never ever heard before) or graduate American Students? I know what do you thinking now! You may wait answer forever. In my case, I wait for 6 months and start look Internship by myself. I found good project at University. At accounting department my professor invite me participate at one project. That project was about one Companies export-import operation. They ask University Economics Department make them plan, and calculate all future expenses. It was paid project. I was really happy, and asked for permission from ACCELS, but they told me, that project would not accept as Internship. You must spend Internship at real working atmosphere. But my suggestion for you, never refuse if you get invitation from such Projects, because that will be great experience for you and you will learn lot of useful things.

So, what to do for Internship?
1) Go to the, city municipality or Administration, (whatever) and ask for Economic Department.

2) Try meet there with some official, who responsible for Economic issue of that city or area.

3) Explain your situation, that you from Ex. USSR and your major is Economics, you would like see how American economy working, how all those accounting and finance principles would apply in practice. (donít mention about Enron or Anderson accounting systems, its not good)

4) Ask him or her, give you some hours spend at office, and see how economists or accountants working, tell that you would like feel real working atmosphere.

5) Main thing!!! Mention that you may spend Internship for FREE, UNPAID, so this way you have chance stay there. It will make a sense for them.

6) During Internship try ask and learn more things, everything about Economics.

There is another way available for finding Internship. If you have ďhost familyĒ they may help you find some Companies or firms, where you can spend your 120 hours. Try look for Internship early as possible. Because at the end of semester simply, you will have no time for that.

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