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How to Change Full Time to Flextime
Olya Bezvushko

When you are studying full-time in a college and want to find some job, its better to obtain some part-time one. You won't find flextime jobs in the newspaper, but you can negotiate them with your employer (or prospective employer). Here's some tips how to do this successfully.

If you have no idea on what you want, you won’t get it. You should know exactly either you want a flexible full-time schedule, or a part-time schedule with a corresponding loss of pay? Either you want the freedom to decide where and when to work or just to agree with your boss upon deadlines? You’ll need to know the answers to these questions when you negotiate a different work plan with your employer.

Foresee what the company may need. It is better to think carefully about what your employer needs so that you can anticipate concerns and address them up front. Keep in mind, that if the work by itself can’t be flexible, you won't be able to negotiate your way into a flextime job, regardless of your skills. Is the work modular, or does it involve large, indivisible projects? Do you spend a lot of time talking on the phone or working alone—things you could easily do from home? If you work in a team, could you effectively interact with team members from home? Try to figure out different ways on how your employer will be able to evaluate your work. Remind him, about strict deadlines, sales targets, and billable hour totals which can work to assure your employer is getting its money's worth, even if he cannot see you hard at work.

Get to know either company management support flexible schedule. Look for a company that already has some flextime policies.

Do not tip your card very quickly. Do not even start to talk about flexible schedule until you have a firm offer. If the company expects you to for more money, negotiate for time instead. Now that they've decided they want you, that's what they need to give you to get you.

And the most important, don't feel guilty about asking for flexibility. Structuring a job that allows you to have normal student’s life is to everyone's advantage.

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