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Looking for Work in the USA
Andy Neo

Employment of nonimmigrants in US is strictly regulated and failure to follow the employment law can result in loss of privileges.
You are eligible to apply for and accept employment only if you are in good standing with the immigration service. this means that you must carry a full course of study and process all the appropriate forms for change of major, degree objective, and school transfer, for approval. most student employment falls into one of these three categories:
Part-time employment on campus: f-1 students are eligible to accept on-campus employment up to 20 hours per week while school is in session and full-time (more than 20 hrs per week) during holidays, school breaks, and vacation periods. provided that a student is properly maintaining f-1 status, no written authorization is required. j-1 students are also eligible for part-time on-campus employment, but j-1 employment must be authorized in writing on the iap-66 in a separate letter from the sponsor.
Employment for economic necessity: some students experience unexpected financial crises after beginning study in US. examples of such crises could include sudden devaluation of home-country currency, loss of scholarship, or the illness or death of a private sponsor. in such cases, if a student is able to how that off-campus part-time employment could provide a solution to the emergency, he or she may request employment authorization through US Immigration & Naturalization Service with the endorsement of their international student adviser. f-1 students may do so only after they have maintained f-1 status for a minimum of 12 months. j-1 students should request off-campus employment authorization from j-1 program sponsor. off-campus employment must always be authorized in writing before a student begins work.
F-1 practical training/ j-1 academic training: employment that applies the concepts learned in the studentís academic program is considered practical or academic training, and may be requested regardless of a studentís economic need. such employment is generally authorized only after the student has had a chance to participate in classroom activities and gain some theoretical background, which she or he would then apply in a practical training. f-1 students are required to maintain their full-time student status for a minimum of one academic year or nine consecutive months before they become eligible to request practical training. j-1 students, similarly, may not request request academic training for a period longer than their length of study in US. both academic training and practical training may be undertaken prior to or following a studentís completion of his or her program of studies. the length of authorization, the type of job, and the employer, are all generally regulated for both f-1 and j-1 students. in every case, employment for practical or academic training must be authorized in writing before a student begins work.


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